"The analysis of clinical outcomes has not been widely embraced by our profession. And this was a source of frustration for me even as a student at Palmer. It's the primary reason why I was attracted to Dr. Pettibon and The Pettibon System.

Dr. Pettibon has always sought out research to both challenge and support his work. Research that uses a systematic, controlled, objective, and reliable process to gain solutions to problems and/or discover new facts and relationships. With that as the criteria, The Pettibon System represents evidence-based expertise from fellow chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, physiatrists, bio-medical engineers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and even those outside the health care profession such as physicists and chemists. And most of all, The Pettibon System represents Dr. Pettibon's relentless pursuit of 'the truth' and 'proof'!

I want to use the best treatment guidelines with my patients. To me, 'best' means they are evidence-based and continuously updated. As Director of Research for The Pettibon Institute, I am dedicated to contributing to that result. And committed to making sure that we are open to all knowledge and ideas that advance spine and posture rehabilitation."

The Misunderstood Component in Musculo-Skeletal Health Care

The Effects of Bite Line Deviation on Lateral Cervical Radiographs When Upper Cervical Joint Dysfunction Exists: A pilot Study

Effective Management of Spinal Pain in One Hundred Seventy-seven Patients Evaluated for Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Reliability of the Pettibon Patient Positioning System For Radiographic Production

Improvement of Cervical Lordosis and Reduction of Forward Head Posture with Anterior Head Weighting and Proprioceptive Balancing Protocols

Spinal Manipulation and Anterior Headweighting and for the Correction of Forward Head Posture and Cervical Hypolordosis: A Pilot Study

Strength Gains from Lumbar Lordosis Restoration

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Treatment

Reflex Control of the Spine: A Review of the Literature From a Chiropractic Perspective

Scoliosis Treatment Using Spinal Manipulation and The Pettibon Weighting System: A Summary of Three Atypical Presentations

Scoliosis Treatment Using a Combination of Manipulative and Rehabilitative Therapy: A Retrospective Case Series

Improvement of lower extremity electrodiagnostic findings following a trial of spinal manipulation and motion-based therapy

Wobble Chair in Pregnancy Article

Dr. Mark Morningstar, Director of Research

Acclaimed Textbook Available
For Purchase

One of the 100 chapters in The Practice of Minimally Invasive Spinal Technique: 2005 Edition, published by American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spinal Specialists (AAMISS) Press (, was authored by Dr. Pettibon, Dr. Morningstar, and Dr. Remz. Their chapter is titled, "Neurospinal Biomechanics."

The textbook is a multidisciplinary collection of minimally invasive techniques for treating painful and pathological conditions of the spine. It represents the cumulative experience of over 800,000 spinal cases treated by 140 contributors from all over the United States and countries around the world and has more than 2,500 reference sources. "It was an honor to have been asked to contribute," says Dr. Pettibon.

The retail cost of the textbook is $250. You can purchase copies through The Pettibon Institute for $150 plus shipping. Email or call us
(888) 774-6258 if you want to order copies.