Neurology, which is taught as a four-part series, covers anatomy, function, theory, and practical application.Content listing & educational objectives.

The following is a sample of the praise that Neurology garnered last year:

"One of the best functional neurology seminars I've ever attended. It has really helped clarify how to incorporate neurology into everyday practice with easy procedures!"
—Dr. Jared Bonette
"This surely appears to be a career and life-changing seminar that has the possibility of making a huge difference in the arc of my career as a chiropractor. Oh yeah, and it was fun too!"
—Dr. Barry Orlove
"Phenomenal way of understanding why what we do as Pettibon practitioners works!"
—Dr. Tom Andrews
"It was a home run! It will change how I think, practice, and teach The Pettibon System."
—Dr. Ian Horseman


This new four-part series is being submitted for CEU credit, with each part qualifying for 12 hours.


Satisfactory completion of the core curriculum (Fundamentals & Lordosis Correction, X-ray Procedures & A-P Correction, and Soft Tissue Clinic Protocols & Home Care).


Part II requires Part I. Part III requires Part I and Part II. Part IV requires Part I, II and III. If you have an interest in taking Neurology, be sure you can attend all four parts.

Course Dates & Locations

None are currently scheduled. We are collecting a list of names interested in taking this course. Please email [email protected] to be placed on the waiting list.