Interprofessional Communication focuses on empowering Pettibon doctors to effectively relate to the referral process as it is traditionally completed. This course will help Pettibon doctors create an interprofessional dialogue with the local medical community. The course's developer, Dr. Mark Morningstar, shares his experience in establishing solid relationships with medical physicians that result in consistent referral opportunities. This is the only course of its type taught by a medical physician. Dr. Megan Strauchman is the co-instructor for this course. She provides invaluable insight into the mentality of the medical community, the medical referral process, the hospital routine, and how to become involved in your local hospital.

The cost of this seminar includes a binder of sample forms, sample narratives, and an implementation guide to help you recreate this powerful system in your office.

Finally, since your staff will be responsible for much of the course information, the seminar fee also includes your entire paraprofessional staff. Discounts are also available for associate doctors when the rest of the office attends. Content listing & educational objectives.

Space is limited to 25 doctors so register early!



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