Overview of Courses


Core Curriculum

  • Fundamentals—a comprehensive overview of The Pettibon System that covers 'the what' and 'the why.'
  • X-ray Procedures—covers how to position patients for taking The Pettibon System X-ray Series; marking and measuring these x-rays, and then comparing patients' x-rays with x-rays of a normal, optimally functional spine.
  • Clinic Protocols & Home Care—covers 'the how' of all clinic protocols and home care, starting with a new patient.
  • Patient Analysis (Part 1 of 5-Part Series)—patient evaluation and subsequent re-evaluations are key to unlocking the complex patient treatment plan. It is the basis for parts 2-5.
  • Pretreatment Rehabilitation (Part 2 of 5-Part Series)—knowing the difference between normal and abnormal nerve, muscle and disc/ligament function impacts how you apply appropriate rehabilitation to help eash step of the healing process.
  • Patient Analysis & Treatment (Part 3 of 5-Part Series)—foundational understanding of what normal spinal form and function are. This understanding is paramount and sequential int eh practitioner decision as to who, what, when, where and why to treat a specific patient a specific way.
  • Post-Treatment Rehabilitation (Part 4 of 5-Part Series)—post-treatment strengthening is THE foundation of the Pettibon System of long lasting results. You will be introduced to the trademarked Pettibon Weighting System, Link Trainer, Blocking, Fulcrum Exercises and Spinal Molding.
  • Patient Analysis & Treatment (Part 5 of 5-Part Series)—introduction to making a plan that tells the entire story of what we found, what we have done and what we plan to do.


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