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Pettibon Rehabilitation that Works with ANY Technique


Ready to implement Pettibon Rehab in your office? This course will walk you through ALL system components in detail and give you a basic understanding of the spinal disc rehabilitation.


Provide practitioners with an introduction to Pettibon Rehabilitation instruction and hands-on covering: Spinal Disc Warm Up including stretching and traction procedures, Nutrition, Postural & Phasic Muscles, Posture Patterns, Rehabilitation Procedures, and more. Download the Syllabus.


Completion of Online Courses Fundamentals, X-Ray Procedures, and Clinic Protocol & Home Care helps speed the learning process during the live course and is HIGHLY recommended.

2012 Dates & Times

May 19-20 Los Angeles, CA

9a-7p Sat, 8-2p Sun

Christian Cohen, D.C.
June 2-3 Atlanta, GA 9a-7p Sat, 8-2p Sun Jason Stanczak, D.C.
July 7-8 Dallas, TX 9a-7p Sat, 8-2p Sun Scot Sorum, D.C.
August 11-12 Seattle, WA 9a-7p Sat, 8-2p Sun Christian Cohen, D.C.
September 15-16 Chicago, IL 9a-7p Sat, 8-2p Sun Jason Stanczak, D.C.

Complete location and registration details announced soon. Please check back for details..


$350USD Early registration (4 weeks in advance)

$375USD Registration (2 weeks in advance)

$400USD Registration (Week of and at the door)

$295USD Retake Refresher (2009-2010 Rehab courses qualify)

$195USD Non DC (no CEU Hours)

CEU 12 hours applied for through Palmer College and/or PACE (Check with your state for approval).